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If you are hearing scratching sounds at night or during the day within the walls, ceiling or attic of your home, you most likely have an animal problem.

Read below to find what best matches with the sounds you hear.

Mouse or Rat Noises in your Home or Attic

Usually mice/rats are heard in the evening as we are lying in bed and all is quiet. Scratching noises may be heard in walls, ceilings or floors.

Mice/rats will make the most noise during the night when they are searching for food and during the cold winter nights when they are searching for shelter.

You also might want to check under the fridge, stove and sink areas to look for mice dropping, just to confirm.

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Squirrel Sounds in the Attic

Squirrels have a tendency to enter attics to set up permanent residency in ones home. You will commonly hear jumping, scurrying or scratching sounds in the ceiling during the daylight hours. Squirrels will make significant amount of noise when entering and exiting the home in leaving in search of food during the day. Squirrels usually exit and enter in the morning and at sunset and you may hear noises up to 30 min after sunset as the squirrels are settling in.

You might want to look up on the roof during those times to verify if you see any squirrels, look around roof vents and the roofline where the gutter runs along, in the winter time the snow will help you to see the foot prints activity is concentrated.

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Raccoon noises in the Attic

It's best to remove the Raccoons as soon as you suspect they have entered your home and before they have their litter of pups.

Raccoons are notorious for making a home in ones attic and making loud noises in the middle of the night. Raccoons will enter attics when looking for shelter and will make a comfy den out of your attic insulation. During the night hours, you may hear raccoons running back and forth in the ceiling of your home or scratching at your drywall. Raccoons can be some of the loudest animals when stuck inside the home.

Look up on your roof during the daytime to verify if you see any damage to your roofline, look around roof vents, stink pipes and the roofline where the gutter runs. In the winter time the snow will help you to see the footprints where the activity is concentrated.

To prevent sounds from keeping you up all night, let Pest911's Wildlife Control professionals help.

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Birdnest in a Vent or Attic

If you have birds nesting in your house it is always best to remove a bird nest and seal or screen off any nesting sites before the birds have their young.

When birds enter homes, they are commonly seeking a comfortable place to build their nests. Young birds that are reared in a house structure may return in adult hood to raise their own young.

Ventilation systems like your kitchen, bath or laundry exhaust vent or a gap in your siding or a gable are common nesting areas for birds.

Bird noises are most often heard during the early morning hours when birds are rising for food but can also be heard through out the day particularly when they are building their nest or feeding their young.

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