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Our guarantee is specified on each client's Invoice and varies according to type(s) of pest(s) and conditions at the location(s).

A guarantee is not transferable and is valid only for the period of time indicated and for the client whose name appears on the Invoice and only for the location(s) specified. In any case where Pest911 Inc. performs a re-application of controls, the original Guarantee Period and Expiry Date will remain in effect (i.e. Re-Application(s) of Control Measures WILL NOT constitute a New Guarantee Period.

If the Pest Issue is reoccurring and you are not happy with the result after service treatment, Pest911 will re-treat the effected area at no charge to you within the Guarantee period**. If issues still persists after re-treatment (If compliant with all recommendations) and you are not completely satisfied, we will continue to solve the issue until you are completely satisfied or we will refund your money*.

*If you are a Residential Home Owner or a Business and you are not happy with the results during your scheduled treatment(s) we will re-treat the area at no charge (If compliant with all recommendations). If you are not completely satisfied after re-treatment, we will work to solve the problem or refund your service payment.

*If you are a business, your account must be current, under contract for more than 6 months, and your business must be compliant with all recommendations noted on the Pest911 Invoice or stated verbally by the technician.

**For the Guarantee to be valid customers must comply with all recommendations noted on the Invoice and/or stated verbally by the technician. See your Invoice for guarantee period noted in the agreement. There is a Guarantee time frame stipulated in each agreement depending on the pest, in which you need to report a reoccurrence of the pest after initial treatment. Reporting a pest problem in this guarantee period entitles you to a free re-treatment or a reduced cost re-treatment.

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We take pride in bringing you the best service in the GTA. If you are not satisitfied, we offer a100% money back guarantee. See gaurantee pg.